Northern New York Waterfalls 

Monitor Mill Falls


From I-81 exit 39 (Mannsville) head west on CR 90.  At the end of this, take a right on CR 87.  When this ends in the hamlet of Ellisburg, go left, cross the river and take the first right on Main Street.  As you leave the hamlet, Monitor Mill Road will exit right.  Just before crossing the South Sandy Creek there is a DEC fishing access site parking lot on the left.  Park here.

County: Jefferson
Town: Ellisburg
USGS Map: Sandy Creek
Waterway: South Sandy Creek
Latitude: N 43° 44' 43"
Longitude: W 76° 07' 38"
Drop: 20'
Type: Rectangular Cascade
Region: West of Mannsville
Parking: Unpaved lot
Trail type: Roadside
Length of hike: Roadside
Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Private
Name: Common

Adams Quadrangle

Monitor Mill FallsThe waterfall is just upstream of the bridge adjacent to the parking area.  According to tax maps, this is on private property.  It is probably owned by a large farm just up the road.  You have a good view of the waterfall from the bridge.  The only problem is a large pipe that is suspended across the river on the upstream side of the bridge.  That does impede your view.

Please note that as a DEC fishing access site, anglers have the right to access the river for the sole purpose of fishing.  This right does not extend to any other activity, such as waterfalling.  We are not saying that this is right, but that's the way the rule reads.

The South Sandy Creek flows into Lake Ontario.

Last update:  April 14, 2017

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Monitor Mill Falls Monitor Mill Falls
Monitor Mill Falls

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