Northern New York Waterfalls
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Disclaimer makes every effort to clarify which waterfalls listed within this website are on public land and which are on private land.  For those on private land, please honor the rights and wishes of the landowners.  Do not assume that the waterfall is accessible to the public just because it is listed here.  In our travels and research, we have approached many landowners about accessing their property and have always been treated cordially and been allowed access.  However, some landowners have also indicated to us that their property is posted, usually because of bad past experiences with a non-respective public.  Access to any waterfall listed here is at the sole discretion of the property owner who should be consulted before attempting to visit the waterfall on their property.

We also want to point out that what is written here is accurate at the time of its writing.  We know of at least a few cases where others have used our directions to locate a waterfall, only to get there and find it posted where it hadn't been the year before.  The opposite is also true.  We know of locations that were posted one summer and not the next.  We have no control over this situation.

Precautions encourages all readers to take the greatest precautions when visiting any waterfall, listed here or anywhere.  Although some are located within a controlled environment such as a park or other recreation area, there are many more that are not and could be dangerous to visit.  All waterfalls have the potential to be dangerous, no matter the size or location. holds no responsibility or liability for anyone visiting any of the waterfalls listed in the website.


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