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Natural Bridge Falls


To get here, locate Natural Bridge on NY 3, between Carthage and Harrisville.  There are four streets in the hamlet which take you south off Route 3.  Depot Street is the east-most of these.  As you proceed out of the hamlet, the road will curve and you will come to an intersection.  The North Croghan Road will be on your right and the Slye Road on your left.  These falls are to the east and north of this intersection.  

County: Jefferson
Town: Wilna
USGS Map: Natural Bridge
Waterway: Indian River
Latitude: N 44° 04' 02"
Longitude: W 75° 29' 27"
Drop: 25'
Type: Various
Region: Between Carthage and Harrisville
Parking: Roadside
Trail type:  Dirt/rock
Length of hike: 2 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Private
Name: Unnamed

Wilna Quadrangle

Natural Bridge FallsThe Natural Bridge Falls are actually an unnamed group of waterfalls located on the Indian River just outside the hamlet of Natural Bridge.  Depending upon who is counting, there are four or five waterfalls here.  One of the  easiest to see is just upstream from the bridge east of the intersection.  Walk a few hundred feet up the Slye Road and you will see it on your right.  To distinguish these falls, we will call this one the Natural Bridge Upper Left Falls.  It is about an 8 foot drop.  Depending upon the amount of water flowing, it may be possible to descend the bank and get under the bridge for a river-level view of this drop.  This can be viewed in our first video.

Natural Bridge FallsThere is an island on your left as you view upstream.  Continue up the Slye Road and you will cross another bridge over the east channel.  There is another drop of about 5' in this channel, which we will call the Natural Bridge Upper Right Falls.   This is linked to our second video.  The county line runs through this island.  This drop is actually in the Lewis County town of Diana.  All the others are in Jefferson County.

While both of the above falls are roadside views, the rest aren't.  We stress that once you are off the highway right-of-way, you are on private property.  On our first trip there, we accompanied an NYSDEC employee who was checking things on official business.  We were with hm when we took the remainder of our pictures.

On the other side of the road there is a reservoir of sorts.  On your left as you face this there is a drop which flows over the retaining dam.  This is man-made so might not be considered a waterfall.  For the sake of cataloging this, we'll call this Natural Bridge Reservoir Falls.

Below this, there is a cascade that parallels the road.  Views of this may be possible, but foliage may be an issue.  It is an 8 to10' slide.  Since it is in the river left channel we will call this the Lower Left Falls.

The largest drop of the group is located at the rear right of the reservoir, downstream of the Upper Left Falls.  This is a fairly vertical drop of about three steps totalling 25'.  This is a very pretty waterfall, and the most impressive of the group so we will simply refer to as the Natural Bridge Falls. 

There is somewhat of a unique situation at this site.  Often, a river serves as a boundary between counties.  The county line is at this point, but not through the river.  It runs obliquely through the island between the two upper channels.

The Indian River continues its flow downstream through Black Lake.  Then it joins the Oswegatchie River which flows to the St. Lawrence River in Ogdensburg.

Last update:  June 28, 2017

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Natural Bridge Falls Natural Bridge Falls
Natural Bridge Falls Natural Bridge Falls
Natural Bridge Falls Natural Bridge Falls

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