Northern New York Waterfalls 

Uphill Brook Falls


Leave Lake Placid on NY 73 toward Keene. Continue for about 3 miles to Adirondack Loj Road on the right. Follow Adirondack Loj Road for to its end at Heart Lake and park in the main parking lot. A parking fee will be required.

County: Essex
Town: Keene
USGS Map: Mount Marcy
Waterway: Uphill Brook
Latitude: N 44° 06' 14"
Longitude: W 73° 57' 21"
Drop: 10'
Type: Ribbon Cascade
Region: Flowed Lands area
Parking: Unpaved lot
Trail type: Dirt
Length of hike: 9 miles
Difficulty: Moderate to rigorous
Accessibility: Public
Name: Common

Mt. Marcy Quadrangle

The following directions were taken from the website entry for the hike to Mount Redfield ...

"From the Loj follow the hikers' approach trail to the High Peaks that leads to Marcy Dam. From Marcy Dam you will need to follow the trail to Avalanche Pass. You will pass by Avalanche Camps, where you begin to climb. Take a left and head toward Lake Arnold. You will climb steeply up the shoulder of Mount Colden and eventually be at Lake Arnold. At Lake Arnold you will stay left and continue to climb to the top of the pass and descend for a bit into the valley. After a sometimes wet hike through the valley over log bridges and around beaver activity you will pass by Feldspar Lean-to. 0.1 miles past the lean-to is a major T-intersection. Left leads up to Four-Corners, south of Mount Marcy. Right leads to Uphill, the start of the herd-path.

"Heading right you will have a moderate, but often wet hike to the Uphill Lean-to. The herd-path is directly across the trail from the lean-to, marked by a cairn. This herd-path is also the start of the Cliff Route. The Redfield Route is the main one and continues straight after the Cliff turn-off. From here you will hike along a gorgeous brook and at times in it. Be sure to take time to look back every now and then to enjoy the views as they open up. There are many attractive small waterfalls along the way as well.

Our pictures and information on this location were provided by a contributor.  Our thanks to Kara DuPlessis for that.  Their hike followed a slightly different route than described in the directions side-bar.

They started out at the Upper Works Trail-head near Newcomb, NY.  Follow the red marked Calamity Trail to the Flowed Lands, around the Flowed Lands to the Lake Colden Dam.

Cross Colden Dam and follow the red marked trail toward Mt. Marcy.  Here you follow the Opalescent River and its many waterfalls for about 1.6 miles.  At approximately 7.3 miles from Upper Works, you will arrive at the Uphill lean-to. The herdpath to Mount Redfield is directly across the trail from the lean-to. This follows Uphill Brook for most of the way to the summit.  In fact, the brook is the trail in some spots.  There are many waterfalls along they way.

Uphill Brook flows into the Opalescent River, which empties into the Hudson River just south of Tahawus, a former mining community.  The Hudson flows into the Atlantic Ocean in New York City.

Last update:  August 19, 2017

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Uphill Brook Falls Uphill Brook Falls
Uphill Brook Falls Uphill Brook Falls

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