Northern New York Waterfalls 

T Lake Falls


From the intersection of NY 8 and NY 10 just south of Piseco Lake, travel northeast on NY 8 for about 3.3 miles.  Take the left on Old Piseco Road.  Just past the airport, the Haskells Road will exit right.  The trailhead for this hike is in that area.

County: Hamilton
Town: Arietta
USGS Map: Piseco Lake
Waterway: T Lake outlet
Latitude: N 43° 27' 23"
Longitude: W 74° 36' 47"
Drop: 500-600'
Type: Ribbon cascade
Region: West of the hamlet of Piseco
Parking: Unpaved lot
Trail type: Dirt
Length of hike: 5 mile one-way
Difficulty: Difficult
Accessibility: Public
Name: Official

Piseco Lake Quadrangle

Since we have not yet been to this waterfall, we want to clarify that our directions have been taken from maps.  We know, however, that the trip is possible because we have been in contact with, and have received pictures from, people who have done it.  The hike is five miles, one-way, so terrain maps of the area would be in order.

Depending upon the source, this waterfall has a drop of between 500 and 600 feet, which makes it the tallest in the Adirondacks and perhaps the entire state.

Our thanks to Vince Spadaro and Matthew Dawson, who are part of a group that hikes this region often.  Matt is also webmaster of their website,, who has granted us permission to use their photos.

T Lake outlet flows into the South Branch of the West Canada Creek.  This joins the main branch which empties into the Mohawk River at Herkimer.  This flows to the Hudson River which empties into the Atlantic Ocean in New York City.

Last update:  October 11, 2016

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T Lake Falls T Lake Falls
T Lake Falls T Lake Falls

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