Northern New York Waterfalls 

South Sandy Creek Lower Falls


This waterfall is located off the Lee Road in the town of Ellisburg but is on private property.

County: Jefferson
Town: Ellisburg
USGS Map: Adams
Waterway: South Sandy Creek
Latitude: N 43° 45' 25"
Longitude: W 76° 04' 53"
Drop: ~ 6'
Type: Slide
Region: South of Adams
Parking: NA
Trail type: NA
Length of hike: NA
Difficulty: NA
Accessibility: Private
Name: Charted/Unnamed

Adams Quadrangle

Finding these falls turned out to be a very interesting experience.  A resident near the Upper South Sandy Creek Falls told us that the land around these falls was owned by a local farmer.  We went to that farm to be told that the area is owned by a different farmer.  We went to his farm and he graciously granted us access to the area.  After following his directions, we weren't able to locate the falls, so we went back.  Having ties to a dairy farming family, we didn't want to bother him because we knew he had a lot of work to do.  We knew he had thousands of bales of hay to put up and untold number of cows to milk.  His response was "I'll take you there."

We soon realized why we couldn't find it on our own.  We literally followed him through a soybean field to reach a camping area that the family had set up on the river bank by the falls.  These falls can obviously be accessed by canoe or kayak on the river, but since they are on private land, please respect the landowner's property and get permission if you want to gain access by land.  We would like to thank Farmer Doug Brown for allowing us access and for guiding us there.

Noted simply as "falls" on these maps, they are technically unnamed and have no common local name.  We have tentatively called them this because there are two waterfalls that we know of on the South Sandy Creek and these are the further downstream.  These pictures were taken in the summer during a relatively dry period.  In the spring there is a much heavier flow.

We suspect that this location could be accessed by canoe or kayak by putting in at the bridge on Log London Road, just downstream, near its intersection with the Lee Road.  This method is just a theory and has not been tested

The South Sandy Creek flows into Lake Ontario.

Last update:  September 30, 2016

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South Sandy Creek Lower Falls South Sandy Creek Lower Falls
South Sandy Creek Lower Falls South Sandy Creek Lower Falls
South Sandy Creek Lower Falls South Sandy Creek Lower Falls

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