Northern New York Waterfalls 

(The) Gorge


This waterfall is located on private property off the Country Club Road in the town of Fowler, south of Gouverneur.  It can only be accessed with the owner's permission.

County: St. Lawrence
Town: Fowler
USGS Map: Gouverneur
Waterway: Sawyer Creek
Latitude: N 44° 17' 44"
Longitude: W 75° 27' 57"
Drop: 15'
Type: Flume
Region: South of the village of Gouverneur
Parking: NA
Trail type: NA
Length of hike: NA
Difficulty: NA
Accessibility: Private
Name: Common

Lake Bonaparte Quadrangle

The GorgeAs the directions and data bars say, this waterfall is on private property.  Having lived in this general area for close to forty years, two different people had told me about growing up near this falls and spending time at it when they were young.  It has been known simply as the Gorge for as long as any of them can remember.

The primary waterfall is at the top of the descent.  This is a close to vertical drop followed by a series of rapids-like drops over the next fifty or so feet of the creek.

Sawyer Creek flows into Matoon Creek which empties into the Oswegatchie River just upstream of Gouverneur.  The Oswegatchie flows into the St. Lawrence River in Ogdensburg.

Last update:  October 30, 2017

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The Gorge

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