Northern New York Waterfalls 

Burnell Road Falls


From the hamlet of Russell, at the intersection of CR 24 and Pestle Street, drive south on CR 24.  Immediately after crossing the bridge over the Grass River, turn left on Blanchard Hill Road.  In just less than 1.5 miles, Burnell Road will be on the right.  This waterfall is on the right side of the bridge 200 feet from the corner.  Park on the roadside.

County: St. Lawrence
Town: Russell
USGS Map: Hermon
Waterway: Plumb Brook
Latitude: N 44o 25' 10"
Longitude: W 75o 08' 06"
Drop: NA
Type: NA
Region: Southeast of the hamlet of Russell
Parking: Roadside
Trail type: Roadside
Length of hike: Roadside
Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Private/Roadside
Name: Unnamed

Hermon Quadrangle

Another of the hundreds of unnamed falls in St. Lawrence County, this one is located on Plumb Brook.  Since there is a fairly well known waterfall commonly called Plumb Brook Falls at the Plumb Brook Fishing Access Area just upstream from here, we refer to this one as Burnell Road Falls.

From the roadside you are looking over the crest of the waterfall.  Please limit your viewing to that vantage point since this is located on private property.

Today, it is a very pretty location.  Conversations with town officials have led us to learn an interesting fact about the history of this drop.  We won't call is man-made, but we will say it is "man-enhanced".  At some point, probably in the early 1990s, the road here washed out.  A large sluice-pipe was installed and when it was, the area around it was built up resulting in a larger waterfall.  We suspect that the waterfall was already there, but now it is somewhat taller.  This is on our schedule for pictures this spring.

Another point that should be made is in regard to the waterway here.  Without naming names, one of the larger Internet mapping programs mis-identifies Plumb Brook as the Grass River.  Plumb Brook enters the Grass River a short distance downstream from here.  That flows into the St. Lawrence River in Massena, in St. Lawrence County.  Be assured, this is Plumb Brook.

Note:  Depending upon which map or sign you are using, the Grass River is sometimes mis-labeled the Grasse.  Officially, it is Grass.

Last update:  March 17, 2017

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