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Buttermilk Falls


In the downtown section of the village of Keeseville, start at the bridge on NY 22 which crosses the Ausable River.  Travel east and NY 22 turns right, which is Front Street in the village.  Take the first left, which  is Clinton Street.  As you exit the village, this becomes Port Douglas Road.  Further down the road, this will continue left and at this point, Highland Road will fork to the right.  Take this right and shortly you will come to the Port Douglas Cemetery.  Immediately across from this  is a long driveway.  

County: Essex
Town: Chesterfield
USGS Map: Willsboro Bay
Waterway: Little Trout Brook
Latitude: N 44° 27' 58"
Longitude: W 73° 26' 12"
Drop: 128'
Type: Ribbon cascade
Region: Southeast of Keeseville
Parking: Driveway
Trail type: Dirt
Length of hike: .75 mile
Difficulty: Moderate
Accessibility: Private
Name: Official

Willsboro Bay Quadrangle

Buttermilk FallsHaving provided directions, we need to stress that this waterfall is on private property.  The owners of this beautiful home on about 600 acres welcome visitors.  You will find Marty and Barb Davidson to be extremely friendly, knowledgeable, interesting and accommodating.  The only thing they ask is that you stop in at the house to let them know you are there.  There are several reasons for that, the least of which is that if this is your first visit, you may not find the waterfall!

The first two pictures in the array were taken on our most recent trip there, in April 2017.  The third photo was sent to us by the owner, Marty Davidson. 

We also received some pictures and this account from Thomas Pray.  "It's a nice brook forced through a sharp, uplift and squeezed between ledges. It cascades down creating water filled with oxygen that it looks white. At the base to the right is a nice dike of serpentine. Grey, blue/green spotted and dotted with red and rust. Beautiful stone. There used to be Brookies in the pools and suckers further down where the water and brook get wider. A favorite little trip for many of us years ago."

The final item in the array was provided by Mr. Pray.  He described this as a "1882 sketch of the waterfall."  We don't know the origination of this sketch so can not credit the party, but our research has indicated that the Statute of Limitations has expired on any copyright that may have existed due to its age.

The Little Trout Brook is one of the smallest waterways containing a waterfall that enters directly into the Big 3 Northern New York waterways.  Lake Champlain is a little more than 1.5 miles from this site.

Latest update:  April 30, 2017

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Buttermilk Falls Buttermilk Falls
Buttermilk Falls Buttermilk Falls

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