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Lower Falls


In the village of Ticonderoga, NY 9N becomes Hague Road from the south and Wicker Street from the north.  There is a traffic rotary at which point Hague Road becomes Montcalm Street and Wicker Street becomes Lord Howe Street.  Drive east on Montcalm Street for about 0.6 miles.  A left on Tower Avenue will take you to public parking.  Bicentennial Park and the falls will be just past the Tower Avenue intersection.

County: Essex
Town: Ticonderoga
USGS Map: Ticonderoga
Waterway: La Chute River
Latitude: N 43° 50' 56"
Longitude: W 73° 25' 16"
Drop: 35'
Drop: Segmented
Region: Downtown Ticonderoga
Parking: Community Park
Trail type: Concrete walkway
Length of hike: 0.1 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Public
Name: Common

Ticondaroga Quadrangle

Lower FallsThe La Chute River serves as the outlet from Lake George to Lake Champlain.  It is entirely contained within the town of Ticondaroga.  Depending upon the source, or where you start and end your measurement, it is only three to four miles long.  This location is the sixth and final drop in this area.

A number of dams have been constructed over the years through this stretch.  At most of them, there is still a waterfall below the dam.  There is still an active hydro-electric plant at this location.

There is a very nice waterfall below this dam.  Over the years, it has had a number of names but it has been clarified to us that the locals refer to it as Lower Falls.  Fort Ticonderoga is located just downstream from here at the southern tip of Lake Champlain.  Years ago when the French occupied this fort, it was known as Fort Carillon ... this is pronounced "carry on".  There are some on-line references that refer to this waterfall as the Falls of Carillon.  In fact, there are also some on-line sources referring to this as the Falls of Clarion.  It appears that this is a mis-representation of Carillon. 

The LaChute River Walk Interpretive Trail map which is available on-line lists this as Lower Falls with an alternative name of F Mill Dam Falls.  The International Paper Company at one time owned much of the property along here and ran a number of mills.  Several of the falls and dams acquired names to reflect those.

Other sources mention Ticonderoga Falls and La Chute Falls.  Our local contacts indicate that those names are not used locally but since this is the most prominent waterfall in the village, they probably refer to it.

Finally, there is a park adjacent to this waterfall on the grounds of the Heritage Museum and Visitor Center known as Bicentennial Park.  Some sources use the name Bicentennial Falls, undoubtedly because of this.

Just downstream of it is a covered bridge called the Kissing Bridge.  This is one of four waterfall locations that we know of in Northern New York with a covered bridge nearby.  The other three are Beecher Falls in Saratoga County, Spruce Creek Falls in Herkimer County and Jay Falls in Essex County.

La Chute is the outlet of Lake George and empties into Lake Champlain.

Last update:  September 9, 2017

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Lower Falls Lower Falls
Lower Falls Lower Falls
Lower Falls Lower Falls

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