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Philadelphia Falls


This waterfall is in the village of Philadelphia.  From the intersection of US 11 and NY 26, follow NY 26 north for only 250 feet or so.  The first left is Garden Road.  You will cross a bridge and the upper falls will be on the left.  Just past here is the Village of Philadelphia Wastewater Collection and Treatment Facility. 

County: Jefferson
Town: Philadelphia
USGS Map: Philadelphia
Waterway: Indian River
Latitude: 44° 09' 33"
Longitude: 75° 42' 34"
Drop: NA
Type: Multi-step
Region: In the village of Philadelphia
Parking: Roadside
Trail type: Dirt
Length of hike: 0.1 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Public
Name: Common

Philadelphia Quadrangle

This is a very interesting location.  There are four distinct drops here.  Just below a hydro dam, there is a pleasant little waterfall which we are referring to as Philadelphia Upper Falls.  You can see this easily from Garden Road.  Below this there are actually three drops, formed where the river divides around two islands.  At the bottom of these drops, there are at least two other islands.

You can see two of these three lower drops from the property of the Philadelphia Wastewater Collection and Treatment Facility.  Given its name, we assume it is a public facility.  The last time we were there, workers directed us to where we could get pictures.  Your best view is of the center channel.  The right channel appears to be best viewed from a canoe or kayak in the river downstream of it or by wading through the creeks formed by the islands.  There are nice views of the left channel, but pictures are limited because of the chain-link fence around it.

Even though this is technically one waterfall location, to do justice to all four drops, which all have their own personality, we are providing four pages.  Please visit Philadelphia Upper Falls, Philadelphia Right Falls, Philadelphia Center Falls and Philadelphia Left Falls.

Since these drops are just downstream of an active hydro electric generation plant, the flow here can be affected by the production.  We have been there during production times.  The Upper Falls was very weak.  The Left Falls was totally dry and the Middle Falls was close to it.  The Left Falls was the only one with significant water.

We have provided an image from to show the geography of the area.

The Indian River flows through Black Lake.  Then it joins the Oswegatchie River which flows to the St. Lawrnce River in Ogdensburg.

Last update: April 14, 2017

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Philadelphia Falls

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