Northern New York Waterfalls 

High Falls


This waterfall is located on the Deer River just downstream from Copenhagen.  It is, however, bordered by private land on both sides of the river and is not publicly accessible.

County: Lewis
Town: Denmark
USGS Map: Copenhagen
Waterway: Deer River
Latitude: N 43o 53' 50"
Longitude: W 75o 39' 49"
Drop: 166'
Type: Ribbon cascade
Region: Northeast of Copenhagen
Parking: NA
Trail type: NA
Length of hike: NA
Difficulty: NA
Accessibility: Private
Name: official

Copenhagen Quadrangle

There is no shortage of waterfalls named High Falls in northern New York!  This one is located a short distance downstream on the Deer River from Copenhagen, New York.  Bordered on both sides by private land, we extend our thanks to Doug Carlson for guiding us in.  As a NYS DEC Biologist, he is very familiar with many waterways in the area.  As a resident of this particular area, he knows the landowners and has access.  otherwise, please beware.  We have actually seen documents indicating the public availability of this area.  That may be the case if you are kayaking upstream from below these falls, but not if you are hiking in.

There is a 59' power dam just upstream from this cascade.  You can actually see the dam from the Deer River Road, northwest of the falls, but you need to hike down into the area to see the falls.  We were there in early September, during a long, dry spell, so there wasn't as much water flowing as there are at other times.  We were on the top of the ridge southeast of the river, looking down at the falls and into the gorge.

The Deer River flows to the Black River which empties into Lake ontario at the Black River Bay, just southwest of the village of Dexter.

Last update:  August 9, 2015

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High Falls High Falls
High Falls High Falls
High Falls High Falls
High Falls High Falls
High Falls High Falls

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