Northern New York Waterfalls 
Northern New York Waterfalls ... Boquet River Route 73 Falls

Falls on the Boquet River, North Fork at Route 73


From I-87 exit 30, take US 9 north.   About 1-1/4 mile past the 9/73 intersection, there is a bridge over the Boquet River.  You will see the river as you approach this area.  You will want to park before crossing the river.

County: Essex
Town: Keene
USGS Map: Keene
Waterway: Boquet River, North Fork
Latitude: N 44o 06' 47"
Longitude: W 73o 42' 33"
Drop: 8'
Type: Ribbon Block
Region: NY 73 between Keene and I-87
Parking: Unpaved lot
Trail type: Dirt
Length of hike: <0.1 mile/3 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Public
Name: Unnamed

Keene Quadrangle

Boquet River Route 73 FallsThere is actually roadside shoulder parking on both sides of the road and on both sides of the bridge.  Most people will opt to park there.  There is also a parking area on the I-87 side of the bridge on the upstream side of the road.  The road leading in to this is extremely rutted and bumpy so it would only be advisable to try this with a four-wheel drive vehicle, or at least a vehicle with adequate clearance.  We're not saying you won't make it in the family sedan, you just might not want to try it.

There are actually three sections of this waterfall.  The upper section can be seen from the parking lot side of the route 73 bridge.  A pool at the drop drains through a narrow slide into a small pool which then drops through another slide.  The total relief of this section is about eight feet.

If you cross the highway to the northeast side ... that would be the downstream side and on the opposite side of the river from the parking area ... trails will take you to the river bank.  The middle section, a total drop of about six feet, is under the bridge and comprised of a series of steps and slides.  If you look closely on the lower side of the bridge, there are still icicles hanging.  We were there on April 13, 2012, which was an unusually warm, dry and early spring, but ice and snow were still present here.

The lower section can be seen from the roadside on the downriver side of the highway. Although distant, they are your best views of this eight foot drop. 

The North Fork of the Boquet River joins the south fork just downstream from here, shortly before the routes 73 and 9 interchange.  The Boquet then flows into Lake Champlain near Willsboro, New York.

Last update:  August 18, 2017

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Boquet River Route 73 Falls Boquet River Route 73 Falls
Boquet River Route 73 Falls Boquet River Route 73 Falls
Boquet River Route 73 Falls Boquet River Route 73 Falls

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