Northern New York Waterfalls
"Roadside Falls of Northern New York Volume 1 The Tri-Counties"

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Roadside Falls of Northern New York Volume 1, The Tri-CountiesFor whatever reason, not everyone is interested in, or able to walk five or ten miles to view a waterfall.  The pages of this book will guide you to 50 readily accessible locations in three counties in the extreme north-western corner of Northern New York, known collectively in the area as the Tri-Counties.

All falls described are within 1/2 mile of a highway and many offer roadside views.  This is not intended to be a collection of magnificently tall descents or of the most popular falls in the area.  It is simply a list of pretty locations that are easy to get to.

Roadside Falls of Northern New York Volume 1, The Tri-Counties has been arranged so that the read can "tour" these falls somewhat sequentially.  Starting in St. Lawrence and proceeding through Jefferson and Lewis Counties, you will see that this region offers some pretty scenery, not far off the "beaten path".

Each waterfall is presented on a two-page spread with a full-page color photograph and descriptive text that includes driving directions, information and history of the falls and the area and access information. Sidebars feature handy at-a-glance information, such as the location, walk time, trail type, GPS coordinates and the size and type of waterfall.

This is the first of three volumes which feature "Roadside Falls" in the north country.

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About the Author

David J. Schryver was born and raised in Watertown, New York, Jefferson County.  After high school, he received an A.A.S. Degree in Math/Science from Jefferson Community College.  He then attended SUNY Oswego where he obtained a BS in Secondary Education with New York State certification to teach mathematics, 7-12.

His career took him to St. Lawrence County, where he spent 33 years as a math teacher and 39 years as a resident.  Along the way, he earned two degrees from St. Lawrence University, an MEd and CAS, both in Educational Administration. 

He and his wife, Marcia, a school reading specialist, were married in 1978.  Now both retired, they split their time between their home on Pillar Point in Jefferson County and their winter home in Zephyrhills, Florida.  They also spend as much time as they can with their three children and five grand-children and frequently find time to visit Northern New York's many beautiful waterfalls.

His interest in waterfalls and a side-line in web development led to the website,  First created in 2006, this has become a comprehensive guide to the falls in the northern part of the state.  After Waterfalls of New York State, a book he co-authored was published in 2012, he decided that he wanted to follow-up on a long-time desire to write a book that focused on waterfalls in the North Country.  This led to this three-part series Roadside Falls of Northern New York and there are plans for additional publications.

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Title: Roadside Falls of Northern New York Volume 1, The Tri-Counties
Author: David J. Schryver
Photography by: David J. Schryver
Publisher: David J. Schryver, 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1541150225
ISBN-10 1541150228
Length: 120 pages

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