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Twin Bridges Falls


This site is right on the Erie Canal Road which runs north-south from the town of Croghan, through New Bremen and into the town of Watson on the eastern side of the county.   About half way between the intersection of the Kirschnerville Road in the hamlet of Kirschnerville and the Number Four Road at Crystal Dale, you will cross two bridges which are very close to one another.  The waterfall is at this point.

County: Lewis
Town: New Bremen
USGS Map: Crystal Dale
Waterway: Black Creek
Latitude: N 43o 51' 03"
Longitude: W 75o 20' 14"  
Drop: ~25'
Type: Slide
Region: East of Lowville
Parking: Roadside
Trail type: Dirt
Length of hike: 1 minute
Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Private
Name: Unnamed

Twin Bridges Falls

Twin Bridges FallsThis location is not noted on USGS topographical maps, but is a very interesting and pretty area.  Also unnamed, we have dubbed this the Twin Bridges Falls because it is at an area known locally as Twin Bridges.

You must be looking to locate these bridges because they don't have the standard bridge warning signs like big rails at the sides or overhead metalwork.  These are two very short paved metal base bridges with blue pipes as railings. 

Just upstream from these bridges, the creek flows around an island containing a private camp.  Just downstream, the northern, larger channel divides around another island.  Part of this then joins the southern channel before they come together below this island.  A purist would probably categorize this as a rapids rather than a waterfall.  Although there is a considerable vertical drop, it spans a significant distance of the creek.  Due to the vertical drop, we are including this and would call it a slide waterfall.  There are several drops here and it somewhat resembles a natural waterslide.  The nicest of the drops is easily viewable from the highway on the upstream side on the northern channel.

Although this section has not been posted on our visits, your viewing here should be restricted to the highway right-of-way as this is on private property.

The Black Creek flows into the Beaver River just downstream from the village of Croghan.  In fact, the creek actually flows through a corner of the village before joining the Beaver.  The Beaver then joins the Black River just east of the hamlet of Castorland.  The Black River joins Lake ontario just west of Watertown in Dexter, New York.

Last update:  June 13, 2017

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Twin Bridges Falls Twin Bridges Falls
Twin Bridges Falls Twin Bridges Falls
Twin Bridges Falls Twin Bridges Falls
Twin Bridges Falls Twin Bridges Falls
Twin Bridges Falls

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