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Dionondahowa Falls


From the junction of NY29 and US4 in Schuylerville, drive east on NY29 for about 2.4 miles.  Take a left on the Windy Hill Road and drive north for about 0.6 mile.  You will see a pull-off area on the right welcoming you to Dionondahowa Falls.

County: Washington
Town: Easton/Greenwich
USGS Map: Schuylerville
Waterway: Batten Kill
Latitude: N 43o 6' 8" 
Longitude: W 73o 32' 18"
Drop: 60'
Type: Ribbon step cascade
Region: East of Schuylerville
Parking: Small paved lot
Trail type: Dirt
Length of hike: 0.15 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Public
Name: Common

Schuylerville Quadrangle

Dionondahowa FallsThe parking area here is paved, but only large enough for about two vehicles.  At the trailhead a sign indicates that it is a Dahawa Hydro facility.  The property to the right of the trail is posted but the section downstream near the falls is accessible.

As you approach the falls, there is a stairway leading up the bank on the left of the trail to reach an upper viewing area.  There is a gate on the trail beyond this point which was open the day we were there.  Climbing the stairs takes you to another portion of the trail where you can reach a viewing platform overlooking the gorge.  It is a good vantage point, but unfortunately, foliage creates an issue for clear photos.

The falls basically drop in three steps.  All of our numbers are estimates but the top drop, not including the dam, looks to be 20'.  The next drop is the largest at about 30' and the final cascade is in the area of 10'.

The gorge here is steep and deep.  Without ropes or other proper climbing gear, you are not getting to the bottom of this.  Maybe that should be rephrased.  You might be able to get to the river level, but coming back out would be another thing.  Having said that, it is obvious that this can be done.  Based on many photos found on the internet of this waterfall, several photographers know something about this area that we don't!  Many shots can be found from downstream and below the level that the viewing area provides.  our guess is that local residents know of trails leading to the shore.

The Batten Kill flows into the Hudson River just downstream of this location.  The Hudson empties into the Atlantic ocean in New York City.

Last update:  August 26, 2017

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Dionondahawa Falls Dionondahawa Falls
Dionondahawa Falls Dionondahawa Falls
Dionondahawa Falls Dionondahawa Falls
Dionondahawa Falls Dionondahawa Falls
Dionondahawa Falls

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